Physical Education 2

What will I learn

  • Factors that contribute towards improving performance (Human anatomy, physiology, biomehcanics, sport psychology and skill acquisition
  • Methods and principles of training to develop and follow training plans towards a performance based opportunity
  • Significance of physical activity in the lives of young people
  • Potentially safety issues arising from participation in a range of physical activities

PED2 2020 Pathway options
PED 2 2018 Pathways

What should I have already achieved?

It would be beneficial for you to enter the course with some understanding from the PEH1 course. However this is not

How will this course be assessed?

What are the course costs?

Workbook/resources $0

Trip costs: Approx $100 (Depending on trips attended there will be cost free options as well)

Tough guy/ girl challenge (June 25th or June 26th) $90 Approximately

Police/ emergency servies/ armed force physical competency course (Term one/ Two) No cost

Potential for Either Rock climbing, high ropes, mountain biking, white water rafting or snorkelling depending on pathway (Term 3)

Further Assessment Opportunities (FAO)

There is one FAO in PED2 which is AS91330 (2.4). You may be assessed in two different contexts as part of your practical performance within the year. These may be chosen from the tough guy/ girl challenge or a school sports team performance over an entire season (Note this will need seperate observation sheets and evidence of your performance to be verified by your course teacher)

Are there any Pre-requisites?

There only pre-requisites to join the physical Education learning area are that you have a positive attitude and are not afraid to work hard