To fulfill the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Award you must participate in all four sections. 

Each of these sections at each level plus your adventurous journeys will get you the Award.

Bronze: 2 sections for 3 months, 1 for 6 months

Silver: Service for 6 months, and either one of Skill or Physical for 6 months, the other one for 3 months

Gold: Service for 12 months, and either one of Skill or Physical for 12 months,  the other one for 6 months. 

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Activities can include working with the SPCA, elderly care, 1st Aid, kindergarten volunteering, Concert Band and coaching football in a primary school, library assistance.

Activities can include learning a musical instrument, photoshop, driving lessons, cooking, aviation, knitting and gaming, robotics, Bollywood.

 Activities can include football, hockey, netball, lawn bowls, tennis, in-line skating, ice skating, walking, cycling, weight training and golf.