Oceania Studies (L2/3)

What is the purpose of this course?

This course provides students the opportunities to learn and connect more to Oceania Culture; looking at Aotearoa and many of the Pacific Islands.

The PURPOSE of this course is to:

Students will have the opportunity to be the experts in the classroom, and spread their knowledge. Whānau will also be invited into the classroom to help support with their knowledge about our unique cultures. 

Alongside this, students will be learning the following skills:

This course is NOT a UE approved subject. Students will NOT gain 14 credits in this course.

This course is open to anyone who would like to choose it as a SIXTH subject.

This course will only occur for Term 1 and Term 2, then this will become an L2ITime/Study.

There is the possibility of cross-over of work in this subject with other subjects as well.

Assessment Standards

Below are possible standards which may be offered through this 'semester' (T1/2) course.

AS91229 & AS91435 are worth FIVE Reading Literacy credits

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

There is the possibility that part of this course could also be connected to the following events:

Depending on the students in the class and their interests, there is the possibility that we could also bring organisation of events and possible choreography and performance to connect to Oceania cultures in a 'real world' way.