ENP24: English Projects

What will you learn?

A course where you can place your identity at the centre of your learning.  This is a student-led course where you are in charge of your own learning. Your teachers are there to guide you rather than teach you content and will help you create your own course of learning where you will gain NCEA English credits and UE literacy. The course will develop many of the skills you need to succeed at university or in the working world, including collaboration, research, organisation, clarity of expression, self-motivation and independent thinking. You will be encouraged to work with others in the course to develop your abilities to present your learning across a range of media, to discuss it in detail and creatively and to express it accurately and in a way that is relevant to your audience.   There will be hui's to share your learning journey. This course also allows you to develop your soft skills – learning better communication, organisation, adaptability, cooperation, goal setting and setting your own due dates.  You may take this course over two years.

How will this course be assessed?

You will personalise your own learning journey. You will develop a portfolio of work from which evidence of achievement relevant to a range of internal achievement standards will be found and assessed.  

What will you achieve?