Talking about secondary and tertiary options

It is useful to start thinking and planning your pathways and future intentions during Term 1 because:

  • Entry requirements vary from course to course and place to place

  • You might need a set number of credits in particular school courses

  • You need to understand extra selection criteria (eg portfolios, experience in the workplace, evidence of commitment, or certain personal qualities)

  • For some forms of training (eg apprenticeship) you need to get a job first

  • Limited entry courses (eg Health Sciences) may also consider Year 12 results

During Term 1 you should be having initial conversations with your Learning Advisor about:

  • The information in the 'Making Good Tertiary Choices' brochure

  • The different types of qualifications available to you post-school

  • The range of education and training providers in NZ

  • Any presentations you have attended from different providers

  • Any Open Days you have researched about different providers

There are three resources below that will help you and your Learning Advisor engage in these discussions. Make sure you have read the resources before you make your first Pathways and Careers Portfolio interview in Term 1 (you should have two interviews with your LA each term - and you may focus on Pathways and Careers).