English Multi-Level

ENM3 2019 Table of Assessments

What should I have already achieved?

Students should have achieved at least one internal and one external in English at Level 2. This course offers Year 13 students the opportunity to gain 14 credits at Level 3. There is the option to be assessed at Level 2 if the Level 3 achievement criteria cannot be met. The course is designed to focus on visual and oral texts.

Students who have not met the ENG3 (Level 3 English) prerequisites, and therefore need a reduced Level 3 English Course, should choose ENM3 (Level 3 English Multilevel).

What will I learn?

You will learn to analyse and respond to visual and oral texts to understand how the conventions used within both mediums are used to make meaning.

How will this course be assessed?

The course offers each candidate three internal standards and one external standard.

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities)

No there are no FAOs

What are the course costs?

AME Workbook $ 27

Theatre Trip $ 20