Level 3

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini.

I come not with my own strengths but bring with me the gifts, talents and strengths

of my family, tribe and ancestors.

Our Level 3 English course provides students with a compass and navigation tools to see the world through different lenses, different perspectives and appreciate different ways of thinking in a world which is rapidly changing. Our team of English teachers are passionate, experienced and use modern tools and technology to prepare our students for their world beyond Ormiston Senior College. Students will learn in an innovative inclusive environment which is learner centred and personalised where students are allowed to make their own choices, they own their learning, intrinsic motivation is increased through giving learners a reliable compass and navigation tools to find their own way in a rapidly changing world.

Students learn how to critically read, interpret, and analyse literature and nonfiction works of cultural or historical significance. Throughout the course, students practice narrative, informative, argument writing, develop and deliver presentations, and participate in discussions with their peers.

This is where some really deep thinking takes place. It is a collaborative space where teachers and students reflect on questions: Who am I? Who, and what, has influenced my thinking? What does it mean to be a citizen and part of a community? Our leaners will explore and investigate how others have discussed the very same questions through various mediums such as novels, short texts, plays, poetry, film, social media and journalism. Twenty first century skills such as critical thinking, citizenship, communication, collaboration, character education and creativity are necessary for our learners as they prepare for a a world beyond Ormiston Senior.

Our emphasis is on the literacy skills required for success in education and the world beyond. Reading and writing are a high priority. We use a broad range of modern and traditional materials, both written and visual. Teachers are aware of the importance of engaging students through the use of modern technologies. Our students represent many cultures and backgrounds, and we reflect this in our choice of texts taken from diverse cultures, particularly those represented within the class.

Assessment: A range of programmes to ensure students achieve success. We place an emphasis on students achieving NCEA success through personalised learning programmes, learning guides and agency to pursue their own passions by reading, writing, speaking and listening to a range of genres.


  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Oral Language
  • Visual Language
  • Investigation
  • Listening


  • Respond critically to written text
  • Respond critically to visual text
  • Respond critically to unfamiliar written text
  • Produce a selection of fluent, coherent writing
  • Create and deliver fluent, coherent oral text
  • Develop an informed understanding of literature using critical texts

Achievement Standards Level 3 Course 2020

Y13 Student Course Outline

Link to student handout below:

What should I have already achieved?

12 NCEA Level 2 English credits - this should include the Writing Portfolio and at least one external standard.

*Students should be aware the University Entrance Literacy credits are available in other courses.

What will I learn?

You will explore a range of sociological and psychological principles in order to develop your analytical critical thinking skills to a much deeper level. This will support your understanding of literature and language topics explored in English. You will then apply this understanding in a variety of forms, such as creative writing, magazine articles, and investigative reports. All written and communication skills developed through Level 3 English are highly regarded by universities.

How will this course be assessed?

Three external standards worth 4 credits each (unfamiliar text, written text and visual text study)

Three internal standards (writing portfolio, close viewing and critical theory study)

What are the course costs?

Oxford Text Study: $20