Level 3

Level 3 English 2021

What will I learn?

Our Level 3 English course provides students with a compass and navigation tools to see the world through different lenses, different perspectives and appreciate different ways of thinking in a world which is rapidly changing. At Year 13 you will learn how to critically read, interpret, and analyse literature and nonfiction works of cultural or historical significance. Throughout the course, students practice narrative, informative, argument writing, develop and deliver presentations, and participate in critical collaborative discussions. Who am I? Who, and what, has influenced my thinking? What does it mean to be a citizen and part of a community?

You will explore a range of sociological and psychological principles in order to develop your analytical critical thinking skills to a much deeper level. This will support your understanding of literature and language topics explored in English. You will then apply this understanding in a variety of forms, such as creative writing, connection texts through similar themes, magazine articles, and investigative reports. All written and communication skills developed through Level 3 English are highly regarded by universities.

How will this course be assessed?

A choice of internal standards to gain 16 credits.

A choice of two external standards worth 4 credits each.

Resubmissions: Non-achieved grade to an achieved grade only permissible.

What are the course costs?

Oxford Shakespeare Text/Workbook: $20

Course Outline