Semester Two: Being Human

(Human Geography)

What will I learn?

You will explore the choices and decisions individuals and societies make over time.

You may focus on how to create a sustainable future and exercise rights; or

Discover through inquiry and research how music genres shape and influence global cultures and societies.

Field trips support your learning and research inquiry by looking at sustainable tourism in Piahia.

What are the 2019 course costs?

Student Workbook for Semester 2 "Being Human" is:

Workbook & Tools for this course are - 2B8 Book, 60-100 Black Plastic Folder, USB Memory Stick, 12 Colouring Pencils, 30cm Ruler, 180 degree Protractor, Glue Stick, Sissors, Easer, Pens for writing as identified on 2019 Stationary List.

Geography Booklets/Resources $30.00 (paid directly to OSC Finance)