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Design & Visual Communication

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What should I have already achieved?
Entry Requirement: Automatic - Minimum 12 credits in Level 2 Design & Visual Communication
OR TIC approval.

What will I learn?
You will learn to use a variety of media and a range of skills and methods for expressing your creative ideas. 

Product Design focuses on the design of products, services and systems that will benefit individuals and           society as a whole. Products can be tangible, three-dimensional manufactured objects such as consumer         products, furniture, packaging, sports equipment, or can be product interfaces and product related                   systems and services.

Spatial Design focuses on the design of spaces. Such spaces can be defined by four walls, but equally             they might radiate outwards with few physical boundaries and change with time. In Spatial Design we               aim to creatively question the conventions of architecture, interior, landscape, event, performance and             urbanism. 

How will this course be assessed?
You will need to choose standards from the table above to suit your interests and learning needs. It is recommended you will choose either 91629 or 91630. It is recommended that you will submit work for 3 standards totalling 16 credits. Work will be developed using a portfolio throughout the year. The external standard is also developed during the year and will be submitted to NZQA in Term 4.

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities) 
No, there is no further assessment opportunities in Level 3 Design & Visual Communication
What are the course costs?
$30 to cover materials and consumables
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