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Physics L3

Level 3 Physics  COURSE OUTLINE.  

 Term   Code Achievement stardard Credits Int/Ext FAO
 191525  Demonstrate understanding of atomic and nuclear physics  3NO 
91521 Carry out a practical physics investigation that leads to a non-linear mathematical relationship 4NO
 291524 Demonstrate understanding of mechanics 6 NA
 391526  Demonstrate understanding of electricity and magnetism 6 NA
 391523  Demonstrate and understanding of wave systemsNA 
What should I have already achieved?
  • 14 credits in level 2 physics which include 2 internals and 1 external in level 2 Physics.
What will I learn?
  • You will develop your skills as a scientist by carrying out a range of physics investigations (including one long term project).
  • Collecting data using the latest technologies will be a focus as this allows you to design your own investigations and research areas of your own interest.
  • Physics concepts of force, energy and conservation laws will be applied to a wide range of contexts including nuclear medicine, sports science, engineering, outdoor adventure pursuits, electric motors and alternative energy generators.
How will this course be assessed?
  • This course is assessed with a combination of internal and external assessments.  
  • The internal assessments focus more on science skills of investigating and researching, whereas 
  • the external assessments focus more on understanding of science concepts relating to widely accepted physics ideas. 
  • There is a choice for term 3. The options are marked with an * asterix.  
  • Students planning on studying Engineering will need to do 91526 as this is requirement for university entrance. 
Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)
  • No.
Are there any Pre-requisites for level 3?
  • At least 14 credits in level 2 physics.  
  • It is recommended that students pass at least 2 internals and 1 external in level 2 to proceed to level 3 physics. This is to ensure the best chance of success.
What are the course costs?        $50 for course manuals