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Physical Education

Level 3 Physical Education  COURSE OUTLINE:

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NCEA  level

Standard  Number


Assessment Date

Domain  and  version  number





Devise Strategies for a physical activity outcome

Term 1

 (week 8)

PE Version 2


Train for and compete in a class duathlon.



Analyse a physical skill performed by self or others

Term 2

(week 8)


Version 2


Use biomechanics to improve a team members performance.



Evaluate the use of health promotion  
to influence participation in physical

Term 3  (week 8)

PE 1

Version 2


Identify a section of the community who would benefit from an increase in physical activity. Use and evaluate, a Health Promotion model when leading a group, in increasing their physical activity levels.



Evaluate physical activity

experiences to devise strategies for

lifelong well being (optional standard)

Term 4 (week 2) optional


Version 2


Participate in the physical activities you did growing up and evaluate how they contributed to your well being.  Devise strategies to support you to be active in the future.



Demonstrate quality performance of
a physical activity in an applied   

Term 1 (week 8)

Term 3

(week 10)


Version 2


Perform to a national standard in Duathlon and another sport of your choice.



*UE reading

Examine a current physical activity

event, trend or issue and its impact

on New Zealand society (Optional)

Term 4  (week 2)  optional


Version 2


Identify a current issue related to physical activity and examine its impact on NZ society. Examples include Water Safety, Polyfest, Weetbix Tryathlon, NZ Warriors, Kauri Dieback.

*   standard which contributes towards literacy
**  standard which contribute towards numeracy

What should I have already achieved?

 At least 12 credits at level 2 or have had success in English rich subjects

What is the course about?

 This is a university-approved academic subject with a full Achievement Standards course.            There are practical components which complement the learning in this course.  

This level 3 course will foster critical thinking and will enable you to understand the role and significance of physical activity for self, others and society.  You will have have the opportunity to learn in a range of practical contexts (e.g. Duathlon, sport, paintball and coaching) as well as apply your prior knowledge of biomechanics, well being and personal performance to a deeper level. 

What will I learn?

  • Movement Analysis  You will build on your knowledge of functional anatomy and biomechanics to analyse movement patterns.  You will identify and explain the strengths and weakness of the skill and offer feedback based on biomechanical principles on how the person can improve their performance.  
  • Improving Fitness Levels Students will explore the concept of fitness and learn about the exercise physiology of how the body works to allow us to partake in sports and physical activity. You will investigate the impact of training on the body and challenge the concept of a ‘one size fits all’ approach to enhancing personal fitness levels.  This unit will help prepare you for competing in a Triathlon or Duathlon in Term 1, 2018.
  • Health Promotion You will question and challenge assumptions about a health promotion process and make judgements about the impact of the process on participation.  You will take action to encourage others to be active.   Gathering, analysing and evaluating ideas.  Implementation.  Participation.  Issues
  • Societal issues  What are the impacts of performance-enhancing drugs, obesity and water safety on   New Zealand society?

How will this course be assessed?

All standards in Physical Education are internally assessed.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities) FAO are on offer in AS 91501.

What are the course costs? $0.  There will be trip costs of $60 approx for Duathlon