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Mathematics 3 (MAT3) COURSE OUTLINE:  

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Code             Achievement Standard titleCredits  Int / Ext
 1    AS91587    ** AS 3.15 Apply systems of simultaneous equations in solving  problems3 Internal
 1 AS91574   ** AS 3.2 Apply linear programming methods in solving problems3 Internal
 2 AS91575   ** AS 3.3 Apply trigonometric methods in solving problems4 Internal
 2 & 3 AS91581    ** AS 3.9 Investigate bivariate measurement data4 Internal
 3 & 4 AS91585    ** AS 3.14 Apply probability concepts in solving problems4 External 
** - Numeracy credits
UE Literacy credits available: NONE

Note: Access to an electronic device with spreadsheet capability is vital in Term 1- 3.  In addition, a graphics calculator is a big advantage

What should I have already achieved?
A sound understanding of NCEA Level 2 equations, trigonometry, graphs and/or probability with evidence         from NCEA 2 Maths results or equivalent is highly recommended.

What will I learn?

This course includes the exploration and use of relationships in quantities, space, time and data. The               focus will be on solving equations and creating models of real life and hypothetical situations by studying         linear algebra and trigonometric models as well probability distributions and bivariate measurement data.

How will this course be assessed?

18 credits are available in this course. Students will have the opportunity to choose the standards they                 enter with the expectation of a minimum of 14 credits including the external to enable students to achieve         the course with endorsement. For late or missed assessment, please see our NCEA policy.

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities)

There will be NO FAO’ s in this course.

What are the course costs?

$20. This will cover 3 workbooks which will be provided to students in class during Term 1 once course fees have been paid.

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