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Calculus 3 (CAL3) COURSE OUTLINE.                                   For course (Year Planner)

Code             Achievement Standard titleCredits  Int / Ext
 1 AS91573   ** AS 3.1 Apply the geometry of conic sections in solving problems 3Internal
 1   AS91577   **
 AS 3.5 Apply the algebra of complex numbers in solving problems
5 External
 2 AS91578   ** AS 3.6 Apply differentiation methods in solving problems6 External
 2/3 AS91579   ** AS 3.7 Apply integration methods in solving problems6 External
** - Numeracy credits
UE Literacy credits available: NONE

What should I have already achieved? 

At least 12 credits in NCEA level 2 maths. This is a demanding course and at least a Merit grade in                   Algebra and Calculus at NCEA level 2 is recommended to succeed in this course.

What will I learn?

This course could be combined with MAT3 to form ONE course. This needs to be discussed with both course teachers in conjunction with the LA.
This course is for students considering sciences such as Physics. It is particularly suitable for students 
who are comfortable with algebra and who will be studying to advanced tertiary level in pure mathematics       or physics as well as in specialised fields such as Engineering and Architecture.

How will this course be assessed?

20 credits are available in this course. At least 18 credits is recommended. (Even in conjunction with the           MAT3 course).
Students will have to opportunity to chose the standards they enter with the expectation of a minimum of         14 credits including 3 external credits and 3 internal credits to enable students to achieve the course with         endorsement.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)

There will be NO FAO’ s in this course.

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