Level 2 Visual Arts - Photography

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   Can be used in conjunction with Design and Painting disciplines

What should I have already achieved?

Achieved or better in the external folio AS90916 in Level 1 Visual Art or with TIC approval.

What will I learn?
Studying Photography will enable students to develop digital photographic knowledge and skills. At the beginning of the year students will be trained how to operate a digital camera and develop their work in Adobe Photoshop. Students are entrusted with expensive equipment and resources and therefore a high level of personal responsibility and commitment is required. Students will also learn to research and explore ideas, develop critical and creative skills and understand their own work and the work of others in the context of New Zealand and International Photographic models. Knowledge of digital photography is an exciting worthwhile skill to acquire.

How will this course be assessed?
A maximum of 24 credits are offered in this course. AS2.2 and AS2.3  internal standards will be assessed in a workbook format. Internals standards are optional. AS2.4 external standard is a 2 panel folio board or digital folio that is compulsory for all students.

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities) 

No FAOs are offered.

Are there any Pre-requisite for Level 3?
Achieved or better in one of the Level 2 Visual Arts external folios AS91320 Design, AS91321 Painting, AS91322 Photography, or with TIC approval.

What are the course costs? $45.00 (Course materials and 'Starter Art Pack')
NOTE: Printing external folio costs of up to $30 will be invoiced later in the year, depending on whether the student is submitting a digital or hard copy folio. Having own DSLR camera is highly recommended otherwise a camera can be rented from OSC if taken off site.

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