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Math with Statistics

Mathematics with Statistics 2 (MAS2) COURSE OUTLINE:
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 Term Code
Achievement Standard Title Credits Int/Ext
 AS 2.8 Design a Questionnaire
191264**& AS 2.9 Use statistical methods to make an inference4Internal

 AS 2.10 Conduct an experiment to investigate a situation using                 statistical methods.2Internal 
 291266**&* (R)
 AS 2.11 Evaluate a statistically based report.
 2 Internal
 2&391268**& AS 2.13 Investigate a situation involving elements of chance       
               using a simulation. 
 2 Internal
 3&4 91267**& AS 2.12 Probability Methods 4 External
* - Literacy credits  (R- reading only) (W- writing only)
** - Numeracy credits
There are 3 pathways available in this course, and students will be guided into the appropriate pathway depending on their results in Term 1, the pace they work at, and their interest. The 3 pathways include: No externals pathway, level 3 Statistics pathway and Mat3 pathway. Teachers will consult with students and their LA's to guide them onto the best pathway for each student.

What should I have already achieved?

At least 14 credits and pass at least 1 Level 1 external achievement standard

What will I learn?

The course is designed to develop students' statistical and mathematical reasoning by examining                     different techniques for problem solving, including applications in Design a questionnaire, 
Inference,  Experiments, Reports, Simulation and Probability methods. Students can also choose other standards according to the pathways. 

How will this course be assessed?

A maximum of 19 credits is available in this course with 4 internal assessments worth 15 credits and 1             external assessment worth 4 credits. Note those students who are doing  "No external pathway" can do a maximum of 14 internal credits 

Will there be any FAO? (Further Assessment Opportunities)? 

There will be NO FAO’ s in this course.

Are there any any Pre-requisite requirements for Level 3 Mathematics?

At level 3, three courses in Mathematics are offered. 
Pre-requisites are listed below:
             Level 3 Statistics (STA3) - At least 10 credits at Level 2 Mathematics with Statistics (Highly                                recommended that students pass Simulations and Probability Methods standards)
             Level 3 Mathematics (MAT3) - Graphs, Systems of Equation and Probability Methods standards are 
             highly recommended.                         
             Level 3 Calculus (CAL3) - At least 12 credits at Level 2 Mathematics including Algebra and Calculus                standards. (These two standards are offered in 
the Level 2 Maths course)

What do I need?

3 Mathematics exercise workbooks (1E8)

Graphics Calculator (Casio fx-9750GII)
Clearfile Pocket 40