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Mathematics 2 (MAT2) COURSE OUTLINE:                                       For course (Year Planner)

Code             Achievement Standard titleCredits  Int / Ext
 1    AS91257    **2.2 Apply graphical methods in solving problems4 Internal
 2 AS91256    **2.1 Apply coordinate geometry methods in solving problems2 Internal
 2 AS91259    **2.4 Apply trigonometric relationships in solving problems3 Internal
 1-4 AS91261    **2.6 Apply algebraic methods in solving problems4 External
 1-4 AS91262    **2.7 Apply calculus methods in solving problems5 External 
** - Numeracy credits

What should I have already achieved?

At least 14 credits in NCEA Level 1 Maths Achievement Standards including an external

If a student does not meet the requirements of this course they will need to speak with the Curriculum               Leader of Mathematics & Statistics in the first instance.

What will I learn?

This course is designed to develop students’ mathematical reasoning through algebra, geometry and
This will include co-ordinate geometry, 
trigonometric relationships,
algebraic processes,
modelling with graphs and basic calculus.

How will this course be assessed?

A maximum of 18 NCEA Level 2 credits are available; three internal assessments worth 9 credits and               two external assessments worth 9 credits. There will be an optional internal to be offered if the student needs it, worth 2 credits 

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)

There will be NO FAO’ s in this course.

Are there any any Pre-requisite requirements for Level 3 Mathematics?

At level 3, three courses in Mathematics are offered. 

Pre-requisites are listed below:
            Level 3 Calculus (CAL3): At least 14 credits from this course with AS91261 and AS91262 at Merit level             or higher. 
            Level 3 Mathematics (MAT3): At least 10 credits from this course. 
            Level 3 Statistics (STA3): At the discretion of the teacher in charge of the course

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