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Computer Science

Level 2 Computer Science                                                                              Course ( year plan)

Total number of credits:-  20

What should I have already achieved?

AS 91075 and AS 91076 (plan and construct a program) in Level 1 on Digital Technology course or pass AS 91074 ( computer science concepts) externally.
Exemptions from these prerequisites will be made for those with passion and involvement in programming.

What will I learn?

Computer science is the fastest growing field; you will be learning how to construct an advance computer program using python. Construct your own website using html/css and learn how to work with information using ESQL quarries.

How will this course be assessed?

There are 3 compulsory internal standards and one optional standard for those looking for extension. One external standard is compulsory. by negotiation with the teacher students will be selecting a course of between 14 and 23 credits. 

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)

A further assessment opportunity will be available for AS91372 and AS91373. Are there any Pre-requisite for level 3 Drama? At least passing 14 credits in Level 2 computer science course.

What are the course costs?

Approximately $20-30 for online course subscription and other course material.
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