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Level 2 ACCOUNTING COURSE OUTLINE.  Click here for Year Plan

                                                                                                        *  Numeracy credits: 15

                                                                                                        * Literacy credits: 6
TermCodeAchievement Standard TitlecreditsInt / ExtFAO
191175Demonstrate understanding of accounting processing using accounting software4*IntNO
291179Demonstrate understanding of an accounts receivable subsystem for an entity.3**IntNO
2        91386Demonstrate understanding of an inventory subsystem for an entity3**IntNO
191176Prepare financial information for an entity that operates accounting subsystems.5*Ext
Demonstrate understanding of a contemporary accounting issue for decision making


NO (This achievement standard is optional).
What should I have already achieved?
Students studying Level 2 Accounting should have gained at least an Achievement in AS 90978 
(Level 1- AS 1.3).
Are there any Pre-requisite for level ?
Students must have done NCEA Level 1 Accounting and passed AS 90978 (AS 1.3)
What will I learn?

Students who study Accounting at Level 2 learn the basics of financial management and learn how to construct the financial statements for a small business.

How will this course be assessed?

Learning in Accounting will be assessed through both internal and external achievement standards. The focus is on learning the skills that are needed to accurately process financial information, prepare financial statements and provide financial advice to small business owners.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities) No
What do I need?
-1 E8 exercise book

What are the course costs? 1. Subject Fees = $10
2. Workbooks and course related costs: $43.

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