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Level 2 History  COURSE OUTLINE.  Click here

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Literacy Credits: 22    (R) UE Reading Literacy credits: 13    (W) UE Writing Literacy credits

What should I have already achieved?

Preferably 12 NCEA Level 1 History or English credits, but anyone may select this course. Some
students may apply for alternative entry - this will be after a conversation with your Learning Advisor and
at the discretion of the teacher in charge of the course.
What will I learn?
We will continue building on the historical skills we started to develop in Level 1 broadening our topics by
including Ancient History. The topics will include:
  • New Zealand Protest Movements - this topic will look the causes of a range of protests which occurred around New Zealand and its effects on today's society. This topic includes TWO internal assessments - AS91229 & AS91230.
  • Dropping of the Atomic Bomb - this topic will look at the bombing of Hiroshima and the Japanese and American perspectives of the Pacific Theatre during World War II. The internal assessment - AS91232 and the external assessment - AS91233 will be attached to this topic.
How will this course be assessed?
From a choice of 5 NCEA Level 2 History Achievement Standards
  • Three internally assessed standards that make up 14 credits (these are compulsory)
  • Two externally assessed standards that make up 9 credits
Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)
Students will have the opportunity to complete a FAO on TWO of the History internal standards (
(AS91229 & AS91230). Also, any students wanting to better their History grades will have the
opportunity to complete the FAO as well.

What are the course costs? TBC