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Mathematics 1 (MAT1) COURSE OUTLINE:                    
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The standards below are available, and students will work with their maths teachers to determine which standards they will complete. It is expected that students will complete approximately 18 credits.

Code             Achievement Standard titleCredits  Int / Ext
 1 AS91035   ** & * 1.10 Investigate a given multivariate dataset using the statistical inquiry cycle4Internal
 1 AS91036   ** & * 1.11 Investigate bivariate numerical data using the statistical enquiry cycle3Internal
 1    AS91029    ** 1.4 Apply linear algebra in solving problems3Internal
 2 AS91026    **   1.1 Apply numeric reasoning in solving problems4Internal
 2 AS91030    ** 1.5 Apply measurement in solving problems3Internal
 2 AS91032    ** 1.7 Apply right-angled triangles in solving measurement problems3Internal
 3 AS91038   ** & * 1.13 Investigate a situation involving elements of chance3Internal
 3 AS91037   ** 1.12 Demonstrate understanding of chance and data4External
 3 AS91031   ** 1.6 Apply geometric reasoning in solving problems4External
* - Literacy credits
** - Numeracy credits

There are 4 pathways available in this course, and students will be guided into the appropriate pathway depending on their results in Term 1, the pace they work at, and their interest. The 4 pathways include: Numeracy, Statistics (as shown above), Calculus and Extension. Teachers will consult with students and their LA's to guide them onto the best pathway for each student.

What should I have already achieved?

Mastered the skills covered in Year 10 Number, Algebra, Statistics and Geometry

What will I learn?

Applications in Statistics, Algebra & Graphs

Students will learn the fundamental skills required for any further study in Mathematics. 

The learning and assessments provide opportunities to develop real-world mathematical reasoning.

Available credits: Minimum of 10 credits for Numeracy Pathway to 26 NCEA Level 1 credits for Extension students.

How will this course be assessed?

A mixture of internal and external achievement standards. Students will first have to complete sufficient internal achievement standards to gain Numeracy (10 credits), before working towards meeting the pre-requisites for continuing with Level 2 Mathematics or Statistics.

There are a number of investigations that are available to students, and depending on their selection, this determines which Internal Achievement Standards they will choose.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)

FAO’ s are available.

Are there any Pre-requisite for Level 2 Maths?

At level 2, two courses in Mathematics are offered.

Pre-requisites are listed below:

    Level 2 Mathematics (MAT2) - At least 14 credits at Level 1 Mathematics and the approval of Curriculum                                                         Leader of Mathematics & Statistics

   Level 2 Mathematics with Statistics (MAS2) - At least 14 credits and pass at least 1 Level 1 external

achievement standard

What do I need?

1 Mathematics exercise workbook (1E8)

Graphics Calculator (Casio fx-9750GII)

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