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Total credits: 21

** Literacy credits
What should I have already achieved?
You should have an interest in people and places and how they interact. 
What will I learn?
In Year 11 Geography you will learn about your place in the world. You will investigate how and why people change and use their environment and also the impact of changes to the environment on people. We will look at a variety of case studies and topics which may include the study of Pandemics, Extreme Natural Events e.g. Earthquakes /Tsunamis, Gold Mining, Sustainable Development, A Research Topic, Skills & Concepts, NZ and Global populations. 

Geography also involves learning outside of the classroom to support classroom learning with 2 field trips occurring per year. 
How will this course be assessed?
This course will be assessed using a combination of 4 internal assessments completed during the year and 2 external assessments. Assessments will require you to demonstrate your understanding of geographic concepts and use of geographic terminology in relation to case studies using graphs, maps, diagrams and written paragraph answers. 

This course offers 21 credits. 

It is expected that students complete ALL Assessments on time and to their highest abilities.
Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)

What are the 2018 course costs?

Geography Skills for NCEA Level One (2nd Edition) by Justin Peat - purchase from Office Max as identified on 2018 Stationary List or from the following link:

Workbook & Tools for this course (internal / external) include - 2B8 Book, 60-100 Black Plastic Folder, 16MG USB Memory Stick, Colouring Pencils, 30cm Ruler, 180 degree Protractor, Glue Stick, Sissors, Easer, Pens for writing as identified on 2017 Stationary List.

Geography Booklets $50.00 (paid directly to OSC Finance)

Field Trips (estimate only) $35 - $60.00 per student (2 Field Trips are plan for Level 1 Geography, cost subject to class numbers, bus rates).

Recommended Study Guides / Revision Booklet on past exams can be purchased from your local Bookstores.