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Level 1 English - Click here for the Level 1 English Year Planner

 TermCode Assessment Standard Title  Credits External / Internal Notes
Term 1  AS90049(1.1) Show understanding of specified aspect(s) of studied written text(s), using supporting evidence  4 External 
Term 2 AS90050(1.2) Show understanding of specified aspect(s) of studied visual or oral text(s), using supporting evidence  4 External 
Term 1 AS90051(1.3) Show understanding of significant aspects of unfamiliar written texts through close reading, using supporting evidence  4 External 
Term 3  AS90052 AS90053(1.4) Produce creative writing OR (1.5) Produce formal writing 3 InternalStudents will complete both styles of writing, but only be assessed for one
Term 1 AS91104(2.7) Analyse significant connections across texts, using supporting evidence  3 Internal 
Term 2  AS91106(2.9) Form developed personal responses to independently read texts supported by evidence 4 Internal UE Literacy - Reading Credits

What should I have already achieved?

What will I learn?
The focus of Year 11 English is to develop an interest in reading. The course will give students the                   required skill to understand, analyse and evaluate a range of text types. We aim to assess the reading             at Level 2 and writing at Level 1. Students will also be given the opportunity to improve collaboration,             strategic planning, and production skills via a Media Studies project in Term 2. the focus for this is to                 increase understanding of the director's craft, which will support students in their preparation for the                 external exams and for those who choose Media Studies at Year 12 and beyond. 

How will this course be assessed?
The course will have internal and external assessments, as above.

Will there be Further Assessment Opportunities (FAO)?
No assessments include a FAO.

Are there any pre-requisites for Level 2 English?
A minimum of 12 credits, including achievement in one writing standard (AS90052 and AS90053) and               achievement in one external (AS90849, AS90850 or AS90851) is required for unconditional admission to         Level 2 English. It is preferred that you have demonstrated a broad base of English skills and achieved:           one internal assessment for reading, one internal assessment for writing, and at least one external                   assessment.

What are the course costs? If suitable opportunities for guest speakers, cinematic viewings or dramatic performances           arise, there may be a cost involved for the trip.