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                                                                                                                                      * Literacy Credits =21

What should I have already achieved?
A general interest in how individuals make decisions would be an advantage. 
What will I learn?
Students gain an understanding of everyday microeconomic choices consumers, producers, and
government need to make, because of scarcity, and the implications of these choices for the society.
Students are introduced to the supply and demand model, using it to support predictions they make
about the effect of choices on society.

How will this course be assessed?
This course consists of 2 internal assessments worth 9 credits. The internal assessments will take place
during term 1 and 2. Please refer to the course year plan for details. The course also offers 3 external
standards worth 12 credits. These will be taught during the year and assessed during the school practice
exam in term 3. Students will also be assessed on the external standards during NCEA exam.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)
Due to the nature of the internal assessments, no FAO is available. Students should take advantage of
the class time and I-time to ensure that they have done their work to the best of their ability

Are there any Pre-requisite for level 2 Economics?
10 credits at Level 1.
What are the course costs? work book + revision book = $42.00. class trip - TBC