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Design Technology

DET1 Course Outline.  Year Plan. Google classroom IE / MG.

*Literacy credits:  11    **Numeracy credits:  4

Previous Technology, Graphics (DVC) or Art experience will give you a head start but all you need is a passion for the subject and a willingness to learn.

What will I learn?

Over the course of the year students taking Design Technology will develop 4 competencies - Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration. These skills are critical to the success of future designers in a fast changing world.

At Level 1 this will look like;

Creativity - Opportunities to innovate and add value to existing designs and create own unique designs.

Critical thinking - To receive and offer an informed critique of others designs.

Communication - Ability to be able to communicate ideas in both visual, written and oral mediums.

Collaboration - Develop respect for the opinions of others and be able to work constructively with others in small groups.

How will this course be assessed?

The course will be constructed around the needs of each learner. There are up to 26 credits available in this course. It is intended that students will submit work for 16+ credits. Work will be assessed through written, visual and oral portfolios.The external standards are also developed during the year and will be submitted to NZQA in Term 4.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)


Are there any Pre-requisite for year 12?

This course leads into Level 2 Design & Visual Communication and Level 2 Industrial Design.

What are the course costs?

$40 to cover materials, consumables and a stationary pack.
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