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Level 1 Dance COURSE OUTLINE.   Click here for the year plan.

* Literacy credits = 4

Term Code Achievement Standard Title credits Int / Ext FAO
1-3     AS90002     Perform dance sequences     6     Int    
1-3     AS90858     Compose dance sequences for given briefs     6     Int    
2     AS90859     Demonstrate ensemble skills in a dance     4     Int    
4     AS90005* Demonstrate knowledge of a dance genre or style     4     Ext    

What should I have already achieved?
No prior dance experience is required.    
What will I learn?

The Level 1 Dance course will develop your performance, choreography, creativity and knowledge. You           will experience a variety of dance genres, such as hip hop, jazz, tap, contemporary and choreographic             tasking, to broaden your understanding of dance in context. You will learn how to manage yourself and             work in groups that are often dynamic and constantly evolving. You will work with a range of music styles,         rhythms and learning processes. There will be opportunities for you to view professional dance works               during the year and to have guest tutors in class.

Dance is an approved subject for University Entrance, and an academic Scholarship subject at Level 3.

How will this course be assessed?

Level 1 Dance offers a total of 20 credits; 16 internal and 4 external credits. All internal assessments will           be recorded for moderation purposes.

At Level 1, you will not have to perform individually at any time.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)
Are there any pre-requisites for level 2?

10 credits in Level 1 Dance, Music or Drama or at the discretion of the teacher in charge of the course, in         consultation with the LA.

What are the course costs? $20 plus an approximate cost of $50 for live performances viewed during the year.