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Numeracy credits** = 8
*Literacy credits = 4

TermCodeAchievement Standard TitlecreditsInt / ExtFAO
Sci 1.9

Genetic Variation

Chem 1.1
Chemistry investigation, with direction4IN/A
Sci 1.5
 Acids & Bases4EN/A
Phy 1.3 
Electricity and Magnetism

What should I have already achieved?
A general interest in the living, material and physical world. 

What will I learn?
Students will learn concepts relating to the three science areas of biology, chemistry and physics in this combined science course. They will study a unit on genetics, acids and bases and electricity. They will develop their investigative skills by planning, carrying out and analysing data to form scientific conclusions. They will also learn laboratory safety techniques and have opportunities to develop their skills of participation, collaboration, self-management and critical thinking.
How will this course be assessed?
This course consists of 1 internal assessment worth a total of 4 credits. The internal assessment will take place during term 2. Please refer to the course year plan for details. The course also offers 3 external
standards worth a total of 12 credits. These will be taught during the year and assessed during the school practice exams in term 3. Students will also be assessed on the external standards during NCEA exams.

Will there be any FAO?  (Further Assessment Opportunities)
Due to the nature of the internal assessment, no FAO is available. Students should take advantage of
the class time and I-time to ensure that they have done their work to the best of their ability.

Are there any recommendations for Level 2 Science Courses?
A minimum of 14 credits at Level 1 science. (These can come from standards offered at OSC or from previous schools)
For more specific details refer to the specific level 2 science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics recommendations)

L2 Bio in 2019 recommends:
  • 14 credits in Level 1 Science, including 4 credits from the External AS 90948 - Genetic Variation 
  • Level 1 Literacy.
L2 Chem in 2019 recommends:
  • 14 credits in NCEA level 1 science including Level 1 Acid and Base external 
  • Plus the MCAT
  • or by the discretion of the teacher in charge of the course, in consultation with the LA
L2 Physics in 2019 recommends:
  • At least 14 credits in level 1 science including 1 physics external.
  • Plus either the MCAT or graphing external in level 1 maths
What are the course costs?  Workbook costs $30